WoM and AO had/have ads?

I did not know this

yeah rblx ads for getting the game new players

Yes I think he makes them every update, although I’ve never ever seen them on roblox

yeah, for promoting the game, not actual ingame stuff lel

after AO he’ll start pushing them out, wonder what they’ll look like tho

You’re not you when you’re hungry

indestructible bill-board ships :frpensive:

If anyone knows what the old ads looked like, let me know if you have them. I’m interested to see what they were.



Yes, there were advertisements. They were pretty simple though, usually just a skyscraper format ad which, in the case of the one I remember, had a player in a pink shirt (the unzipped overcoat on the white shirt, I think) and a Vistarian shield on their back, sitting on that rock with the tiny lake on it that’s relatively close to Silent Tower, and at the top of the image had the logo for WoM

Very simple, very nice advertisements.

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