WoM inspired build thing i made in like an hour

i’m not really sure why they dont branch out the art channel out towards a creativity channel, so people who make world of magic inspired stuff could post , either way i made some little cool build in a wom style with a silent hill touch and i want some opinions, i’ll take criticism on what i could make better, since i dont really build in this style alot. i dont take credit for the sailboat.

(edit) added a castle tower on the other end, aswell as expanded wall so it looks more like an abandoned kingdom


looks like something not from Magius
but more looks like life outside Magius

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i didnt really aim towards design of cultures or anything, but if i really did have to i’d say it’d be more of an outskirts island fishing area.

this reminds me of the FMA ending if it were to happen in WOM

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it’s still great work
it’s good you add your own spin to it

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Maybe it is like the remnants of the AG headquarters dock.

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based on this, a foggy area would be really cool in WoM
Maybe it could even be one of the weather types for areas near lakes or the ocean

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yeah, maybe a small ghost town out by an outskirt island of magius, maybe abandoned prison. lots of possibilities.

i like that concept i might work off that if i might expand this little thing i made more

These look like some dlc expansion thumbnails named ‘‘forsakenburg’’ or something lmao

looks real nice tho fr

this looks really nice.
and you did it in only a hour.

If you make wom inspired models you can get the artist role.

this is what i imagine the ruins of mainland to look like

kinda remind of the port from tradelands

this looks like a creepy, mysterious ghost town in which nothing happens there, and its past is a secret. i absolutely LOVE these kinds of builds.

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Where did you get the WoM logo?

Holy shit this guys insane!

I know right these images are so good


Looks great ngl.