WoM Trading Hub?

anyone know if a sort of trading/market hub has been created for WoM? or is all we got the market part of the forums?

Yeah. I’m currently in the middle of creating a guild (The Explorer’s Guild) that’s based around trading and exploration.

I mean the market part of the forums does get the job done since your stuff is advertised on the market section and it’s also advertised on the discord in the trading channel through a bot. So you’re getting pretty good coverage if you’re looking to trade with people.

yeah i just like stuff better when its organized through a discord server, could just be me though

I actually personally don’t like the marketplace forum. There isn’t a lot of exposure and it’s annoying when people put “make your offer” when they’re selling things :rage:

How is there not a lot of exposure? The posts made on the marketplace also get automatically posted on the discord…
And people might not know a good idea for prices which is why they want people to make an offer instead of them trying to figure out the prices themselves

I wouldn’t call that exposure.

And, truth be told, it’s because people are too lazy to list prices. If they know what price to accept when someone makes an offer, they know what the base price of the item should be.

There also isn’t too much to trade for in the current state of the game. You can easily farm for the things people are selling/buying so obviously not a huge amount of people are trading. The main kind of trading I see is just people going through your inventory and sending you trash trades. I’d assume when more items/rarer items are added then more people will starting using the trade feature.

This is why I shark on kids in game. I send like a shitty trade and buff it out with arrows and then i request all their good items :frcryin:

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for someone like me who actually uses a crossbow in pvp those kind of trades would instantly be accepted depending on the amount of arrows B)

I have 1000+ smoke arrows and 500+ regular arrows if you wanna trade anything :flushed:

Smoke arrows bad :eyes:

glass more like ass

glass cannons winning

I co-own a server with 300 members dedicated to just trading WoM | Trade Hub which currently has the most members out of any guild or server that does trading.

Yes this is nice, https://forum.worldofmagic.dev/t/wom-trade-hub/16313. Hi co-owner. :wave:

thats how my friend got over 6k smoke arrows before they went worthless