Wondering about being a warlord

I wanna be a warlord because:

it makes more sense lorewise with one of my OCs

Having a thermo infused musket sounds badass

I can make a troll build with maximum intensity boxing

Should I become one over a knight?

Knights are cool too, and although iron leg warlords are genuinely braindead hellspawn that need to be purged, things like thermo warlord and boxing warlord sound rather fun and versatile

yes… join the warlord gang today

I’m gunnae be boxing warlord hur hur hur

(please add a disable gloves option I beg)

boxing warlord seems interesting

it’s basically wind imbue right?

probably (idk i’ve not used boxing on my warlord once, i might pick it up just to see)

honestly boxing and basic are both the least cancerous styles that you can learn and if you main them you’re good at the game

i use canon fist because i prefer it as an FS over any of the other ones (focusing on imbued weapons is cringe)

cannon fist should have been like an explosion type imbue for warlords ngl

not rlly, at least in terms of knockback boxing does nothing. its decently fast, but only a big difference when compared to iron leg. like basic but faster, smaller and slightly weaker damage wise i think.

hmmm alright so I’m given a choice here

clown gloves

or literally just nothing


the gloves are the best part, the only advantage to boxing.

dont forget +10% damage res when parrying or blocking w boxing

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