Wood magic concept

CW for body horror (not shown but discussed)

Similar to my lightning magic post but just, less put together. Im super open to any other ideas.


The ideal magic for warlocks

Quite lovely, you should consider doing these prompts for other magics as well

(Ice my beloved)

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im absolutely thinking about it! I don’t have many ideas for other magics but I’m sure I can think of something!

This type of presentation ascends cooking, this is just summoning meals out of thin air.

In all seriousness, it’d probably fall under a complex and detailed explaination of the wood curse (or growth curse?) rather than wood magic.

new status effect: splintering
a weaker version of drawback but it’s for any action except typing/camera movement
thats my take on wood

oh PLEASE do more for the remaining elements, i love body horror espcially as a result of some form of power

someone suggested air magic for me to do next, so I’m going to be interrogating my physics friends, its not something I know much about LOL

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replying to this thread to say another one is up!

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i can feel the lobotomy kaisen that will soon descend onto this topic