Wood paladin might be broken

So I might be self-snitching here since my main file is a wood paladin but whatever, I’m honest to a fault.

When imbuing my wood magic with the eagle patrimony, I get the damage boost from the lightning synergy with bleeding, however the bleeding status effect does not get cleared, it actually gets duplicated somehow, so 2 bleedings stack and get refreshed with each hit on top of the increased impact damage.

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Would could insta-kill and people still would never use it

bro! why did you report it you idiot!? we could’ve abused that :rage: !

wood has always been good bro people just dont like how it looks

i love how wood looks and the wood curse might be so badass (at least it was on my headcanon :flushed: )

apparently extremely useful in-canon too, as a lot of keraxe’s best ships are made (and i’d wager mass-produced, at that) using it