World of magic as an Isekai?

If you could live through this game as an isekai would you? You can talk about what magic you want, what you would do, and what meta knowledge you would bring. As an isekai you can be as op as you want.

I would contract pneumonia and die. In seriousness though, I’d get every curse that is left, and become the PK’s friend. And try to off Torren.

‘‘do you want to stay in the most repetitive world ever or go on an adventure and learn to use magic that can destroy an entire fucking planet’’

Idk people are fucking weird.

btw what I said is a yes I would gladly go blow up a planet

Why wouldn’t you lol?

bouta pull up with white ink lost magic :smiling_imp::fire::100:

o_o I said isekai not a hentai

what’s the difference

I mean you’re not wrong, but I… just… fine go ahead.

tf is an isekai?

There is a isekai genre of hentai wdym.

Pullin up with cum magic.

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An isekai is a genre of anime or manga where a main character is transported or reincarnated into a new world. Typically a magic fantasy world and they get op abilities.

Yes hentai are explicit mangas…

The Community- Ha ha ha hentai go brrrrrrr