World Of Magic Jail Time

Figured out the topic, so you know how jail has like a 14 minute time? Do you think the time is long?

No, I don’t think I will

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My guild was made 3 years ago

-end of story

Guilds are a mistake

Guild lores are cringe. Thats a big no. If you’re gonna make it a lore take it from a true experience and not make up shits like “people banded together to fight MC bla bla bla”, its so fucking cringe. Take it from how your guild really started because we all know this is just WoM. Another roblox game. Dont expect so much content from a game in a game made for kids


how can i agree so much with someone

The MC are fucking retarted
that’s why I just want guild update to came and join them

nothing and nothing at all

better yet: Guilds are cringe

any topic? ok so imma test if our friend l1 still alive @L1.Dc_vi12 hoi? can u tell me what is 1 + 1?


you just dont get the same quality from the Vetex General Chat® as you do from the forums

0 divided by 0 is 0

Im thinking of what this topic is gonna be

next time is jail time

world of jail