World of magic lag

nvm found a way to fix it

thing is… how do you reduce the lag there isnt some lag switch that he can turn off. Hes already tried multiple thing like remember how the npc’s sometimes just spawn as heads or their heads are inside their bodies ? vetex made it where they deload and reload depending where you are.

though its roblox it cant handle games that use blocks this much instead of regular roblox terrain either is at fault the game or roblox idk

did this man seriously just ask for a remove lag button


I would SO give this post the meme tag if it was available in game discussion.

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Either get yourself a new PC or remove textures from Roblox

well the full map will be split into “regions” which means you’ll be playing in servers around the same physical size as what we have now, like seas in aa.

no i’m pretty sure the regions are going to be bigger than this map.

Otherwise the map is going to be some 30-50 regions which is absurd, and light magic people will be able to escape to another region if they get a flight spell off in like 0.001 second

i did a tiny looking at the map and it looked like there would be maybe 6-10 regions if each was as large as the current one. though, they probably might be bigger.

If Vetex could simply “reduce lag” he would have done so already. Optimizations take time and no single optimization will have a large effect.

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Eh maybe just some sort of-idk