World of magic stereotypes


Casual Player
You probably just played the game for a couple days and went back to arcane reborn or tried out arcane legacy. Normal person.

You spend 12 hours fishing hopelessly, only to find out some random new gen got a strong sunken sword on their 3rd pull.

PVP casual
(Me) Either you WANT to PVP more but can’t because of personal reasons, or you just occasionally PVP in WOM for fun. Sometimes these people can be toxic, but most of them just want a fair fight.

These people are very good at pvp, know how to block, do all the techniques. Normally they’d be in a clan like Suncry or something.
Either they dwell in arena or just go around the map killing everyone in sight, gaining the nickname “RKer”. The sweat doesn’t always just go out and RK, sometimes they just dwell in arena and ask people for 1v1s.

Aaron ____
If your first name is Aaron, chances are you are a Tyrant, running full power build, and use shadow. It is rare to find an Aaron that doesn’t meet those requirements. If the Aaron isn’t a tyrant, they’ll have Hero+ reputation. Aarons are usually very toxic.

For some reason these people still exist. Most of the time just want to profit off their countless seasonals+sunkens.

Random Trader
“Random traders” are usually Casual Players that discover how to trade. They normally go around in main game sending either bogus offers or totally huge W offers(for the other person, not the random trader). Most random traders just want an oathkeeper/vastira so they can just quit the game.

Pro Players
Basically people that are: good at the game, not toxic, and have atleast one sunken sword. You can spot a pro player if you witness them kill someone withing 3 seconds.
Sometimes low level slots will be alts of pro players. I witnessed a level 8 kill the minotaur, no cheese, without dying once. He used Gold Magic.(although this probably isnt considered that great)

Low Levels
Either just some guy trying to progress in peace, or a random player who just happened to join WOM, and has absolutely no idea what their doing. I’m sure you people have met these players at least once. Normally, low levels will attempt to kill other players, even though they’re below level 45. If the low level is above level 45, they’ll just spam placed explosion and turn into a…

Trash RKer/“I think I’m pretty good at pvp”(spoiler: they’re not)
Trash RKers are usually low level players who recently hit level 45. Now, since they can PVP other players, they will just spam placed explosion till they die. This might work against someone who sucks, but players who know what they’re doing, or just have a decent computer, won’t succumb to this method.
Some Trash RKers are max level or close to max level, and tend to gather Player Kills by hunting down low levels above level 45 and spamming Beam+Placed explosion on them till they die. Trash RKers are normally toxic, and will rage quit when faced with a more skilled opponent.

this is probably really unnaccurate but i felt compelled to do it so


Oh… wait.
It seems I have forgotten… ONE… LAST… STEREOTYPE.

Weapon Mains

You think you’re original because you don’t use the meta.
Don’t deny it.
You know its true.

Honorable Mentions

Magic Main
You are the average WoM player. It’s impossible to NOT have magic, and almost every WoM player has mained magic once.

Walmart Conjuror
You just couldn’t wait for AO, could you?
You probably use strength amulet+power amulet+defense amulet and call yourself a conjuror, or you just use a full strength set and use your magic along with it.

Cat Maid/Maid
Either your really good at pvp or your just cringe.



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i hate this
this is so true

I got a strong sunken sword from a guy who got it in 35 tries for a strong oath

farmed some guy yesterday who had around 80 player kills and 100hrs
dude cant aim for shit just spammed 8 barrages
i only farmed him because i saw him kill some poor level 45 who was trying to do a fetch quest

dude complained that i took all his crowns. i just told him that he shouldnt farm 80 player kills off low levels or else he’ll get farmed again by someone else

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Pvp causal and “pro” (ss moment)

Did this bro really just mention every sterotype I have in world of magic wtf :sob:

Literally me

I love being cringe :melting_face:

shut up.

^ me

you know its true.

I do and that’s why I hate it.

I am a weaponry + magic because everybody uses magic its boring :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:
We mixing it with weaponry :muscle:

Also am I a pro player
I no have sunken but I have 2,300 player kills with 214 hours

still cringe >:)
imagine actually using weapons in world of magic smh

imagine having no life.
(could be me)

Stfu magic main

There are 2 weapon mains

ok hold on

me and thatoneguy.

also no, ive seen like 20 weapon mains this month