World of magic strongest guild and why?

What is the strongest guild in the WoM universe (maybe Ill join heh heh)??? Not rly sure which guild to join.

I’m really not too who the strongest are but there are quite a few nice guilds that are open to recruitment such as Empire Of Arcania, Dracolyon and Pandemonium.

I have joined Latom because of the advertisement on Mane’s Yt channel but wasn’t too sure which guilds to join lol.

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Latom :pray:

Typical level. Bumping threads like nobodies buisnes.

The biggest clan you can join rn is suncry. But the most powerful guild is creed.

it’s been 8 months I doubt they give a fuck

suncry on top and always on top

shut the fuck up

shut the fuck up most members in suncry are bottoms

Kandy shut up you and me arent any good either


Creed :fist: :triumph:

invisible guilds are the most powerful guilds to align with

So Acquires typa people except they aren’t good and reset

suncry because its cringe because it said amongst