World Of magic

So i used to play world of magic like when it first came out but i have a horrible memory so i dont remember what it was like. im level 17 now and ive just been doing side quests from random npcs. Is that all i have to do until level 30 when i can choose if i want to be a hero or a villain or is there anything else im blind about??

farm king silver until level 70 then do story quests then quests until level 500

1: is king silver hard
2: story quests are unlocked after level 30 right?

  1. lure king silver into the ocean behind the castle and dmg him with either magic or weapons. it has to be in the deep part, but not the part that despawns npcs. he can just kill you if he jumps while in the shore
  2. yes, but the last level lock is at lvl 70