World question: How far is the Epicenter exactly? How close is it to the Bronze Sea

So I had this question occur to me for some odd reason an I got interested in it:

I wanna know like, how canonically far is the Epicenter from the War Seas? Since it can take the user 8 - 13 in-game days approx~ to find the Epicenter. I forgot how many exact days it took John Throne (Using webcomic, might not be canon or is canon) to reach the Seven seas, I believe it was like 3 months or something of traveling through the dark seas?

I don’t know lol, but I wanna know, how close is the origin of the dark seas to the War Seas? Is it the closest to it or are there other seas that are possibly even closer to the Epicenter?

Get someone who’s been there to check this stat.


I’m going to assume it’s about 55-60km out from the bronze sea, 54km was insanity 4. Unfortunately, KM measurement probably isn’t accurate lorewise.

54k means the dark sea is half the length of england, so probably not lore wise

It’s only that close for gameplay purposes. Lorewise, it would probably be thousands of kilometers away. We don’t know exactly how far it would be or where Durza and Theos actually fought. But I’m going to guess it happened somewhere in Europe.

multiply the number by 10. 540 kilometers away

looked at maps, this is much larger than the pacific ocean so uhhhh

Do you mean 540 km

oh yeah.

540,000,000 meters is goofy

Yeah that is further away than the sun

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only 3.6 AUs

Necrobump however it is confirmed that it spawns 57 km in any direction

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