Would a sand-thermo warlock work?

i’ve got two acrimonies and no plans to move away from conjurer but im just curious if a “the hot wind blowing, jagged lines across the sand” build would even work at least decently

ok so sand does’nt have any relationship with the “seared” effect from thermo fist


looking at the wiki, I doubt the build would work
Screenshot 2024-04-29 212624
the image is from the synergies section of thermo fist btw

you dont deal less damage if you inflict the status yourself, same goes with anything else ( aka you can go shadow light without having any drawback, other than not using the magic to the fullest potential ig )

it used to be really op when it had a burning syn but its ass now

it used to be broken… then the balancers attacked

ngl sand was busted for every hybrid imbue build back then