Would be playing AO when Rell Seas or Holy war x comes out

I am not going to lie or sugarcoat a thing but who really would be playing arcane odyssey if rell seas or holy war x comes out I mean over the last few months arcane odyssey has been on steady up and down lately so who would be playing it when those two games come out``

I mean you not wrong but some people just don’t like anime games like that and would rather just play Arcane odyssey and stick to it but they would try it and if they don’t like it then they will go to AO

Arcane Odyssey is very different in terms of gameplay when compared to Rell Seas or Holy War X


people play AO because they like AO, not because X or Y game isn’t out

I would given that holy war x just has this sort of sheen/ugly as all hell anime faces from when I last saw it that I would not even try touching that game (also isn’t it a spinner game). Rell seas doesn’t interest me in the slightest

I might try those two out, but I have literally 0 expectations for either of them lol.

I’ve never heard of HWX, and Rell Seas is doomed to fail no matter what they do in my eyes.
Last i checked, every Rell game becomes 90% crossover content by the end of its lifespan, and i hate games that have way too much crossover shit.

I mean even if Rell Seas does everything right, the game is overhyped to such an ungodly degree that it’d be disappointing even if it was literally the perfect game.


i am not going to play rell seas a lot because i am not interested in anime games

You know, I’m pretty tired of Roblox devs making game based on an IP, specifically animes, yeah, it would get alot of plays but they will probably run out of content from the IP and start to use noncannon stuff to keep the game afloat.

whats holy war x

It’s, from my knowledge, an open-world rpg based off the anime Seven Deadly Sins

oh… thats disappointing

Not every ao player likes anime games lil g

I would?
I really don’t like the art style choices that modern anime games on roblox have chosen for. Usually, the skills just look too cartoony for a relatively realistic world, or they’re just way too fancy for a very simplistic world.
AO kind of falls into the latter, except the lighting and terrain detail add quite a bit of weight on the other side of the balance, and the terrain destruction actually makes the attacks feel like they affect the world around you.
Most anime games just bombard you with ‘woah, look at cool effects’ without providing that much entertaining content. and to fill up this lack of content, they just put bandit beater quests in the game and call it a day.

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i havent even heard of those 2 games
i play AO because im interested and like it
rell seas? never heard of it and not interested enough in knowing what it is
read the comments, saw holy war x was a seven deadly sins anime based game and immediately said ‘‘fuck no’’

in short, pretty much everyone who cares about AO enough to continue playing it

When it comes to One Piece how are you ever gonna run out of content for a series that has 1000+ Episodes/Chapters?

Type shit you do you

i play ao and wont play rell seas or holy war or care about them

is that short enough for ur brain to understand?? hopefully