Would this work WELL (thanks optical)?

you know what imma leave this here i put by accident but oh well

actual thing

the idea is speed for speed cause it’s speed. Agility for a little boost of mobility but also so crash goes farther. Intensity so paralyze stays longer, when/if intensity changes my gems might change to musgravite and some cooldown buffs would help teleports. resistance is there to make up for defense as i tend to take more damage during my own attacks rather than getting hit (unless its beam stuff)

resistance is mostly so i don’t have to do dark sea. the build is water lightning sailor sword (preferably sunken if i get) bow staff (also preferably sunken) and shield savant 42m 100str 130w may change to 72m 100 100


everything works it’s just a matter on whether or not it’s good

no, regeneration

pvp or pve?

check the channel, it would be in discussion if it were one or the other

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  1. u have almost zero power or defense
  2. resistance often doesn’t go well with atk speed
  3. what the intensity doing?
    it would not work well

is this better, damage doesn’t really seem like an issue it does 147, defense maybe in which i could go with frozen helmet

add warding for your sake


it’s a bit better but if u ask me i would tell u to drop the resistance for defense and drop the intensity for power
147 damage is nothing nowadays

please just get pow and defense man :fr:

helmet instead of arcsphere might be better


power and defense

more… :fr:
most people have at least 500 defense paired with about 60 power
u just need the raw stats to be able to do stuff in combat

i might not be most people.

ok defense is up i can’t really get more power without going before 60% resistance though


but now i have a lot of grinding to do

like hypothetically

if u dropped the intensity and resistance (useless stats) u could be gaining so much power and defense in return

me who has 0 power on any of my builds:

Don’t run resistance with attack speed. They don’t work well with each other rn since they are optimal with two completely different playstyles.

Who tf runs resistance other than troll builds never let bro cook any gear builds

how is blud this bad at making builds :skull: