Would this work WELL (thanks optical)?

either way Im too lazy to make a new build

theurgist atlantean is just good for dark sea I should start putting my sunken warrior chests to use

They literally cancel each other out lol

made a better build its manageable to get (I like speed)

might just use this

if i get armored scrolls great, i can deal with no power as i never really use it (just hurts getting hit by 248 damage)

just use cernyx if ur not planning to use tons of atlantean

so what this? or

you need some power buddy

Idk if you can get modifiers but here it can get better with exotic enchants

Ignore the armored too used to pick that (The defence is 450)

oh wait it has armored hold up

btw some advice you should take advantage of your arcanium and strength gear since they can be good for certain stats

water is size intenisty, and lightning is speed agility, sailor is power and size.

yeah it is if ur going for speed ur best bet is lightning arcanium because you can have speed and power and slight agility while also being able to use modifiers on it with power

could work if ur a fan of 50 power

you could switch water if you want for some better element which could give more speed on arcanium elements if you want

(Really depends if you want the slow)

btw going 1 painite won’t hurt as much and is almost equal to 4 agates freeing you some gem slots

if you put 1 painite (Could put 2 and free up 6 gem slots)

I suggest 1 due to the least amount of damage dealt to you

bro didn’t show the stats


the idea of the build is everything but magic alone procs paralyze

ok incase you change that you should keep water or you can get sunken sword (Really depends) you already have sailor already so maybe its a bit too much IMO and maybe go for another benefiting status effect for a magic