Would wind be a good magic for a weapon main?

Think about it.

wind clears 9 status effects

wind looks the best aesthetic wise with the slashing and stuff with weapons

Is this a good idea?

bleed synergy magics are better
wood, acid are mostly used
ash sometimes because clouds

but if you want to use wind then by all means go ahead

You could’ve just commented this on your existing topic, but go with what you want

If you’re pretty much only leveling weapons I’m pretty sure you’ll lose your wind anyway… Though idk maybe you keep the magic charge with its effects.

actually light for blinding sounds like a good idea

i’m sure almost all of the magics will have some practicality for a weapon/fighting style main is some form or another though, like i said ice/magma for traveling the ocean, light for blinding, magics that do more damage on bleeding, or just any fast magic for quick hits

you would eventually lose your wind magic in AO unless you actually invested points in it

also wind clears 6 effects, with one being removed in AO, and they arent even that problematic

  • soaked is useless to remove most of the time cuz rain constantly reapplies it and it actually protects more than it puts you in danger
  • burning doesnt last long enough to be worth removing since that takes about a second and the status effect lasts 5
  • sandy is barely useful or ever applied, it’ll be most likely common from sandstorms or stuff like that but then it would constantly reapply like rain
  • dont even mention petrified

poisoned is imo the only especially good clear of wind

Since you know more than me about clearing effects, would you mind specifying something for me? Does charging your magic always remove the status effects on you the same as if it was removing them on a target? Like, are only some effects removed by charging while more are removed from a magic attack, or is everything that can be removed from an attack also removed from charging?

sorry for grammar

I know you’re asking him, but depending on what magic your using, you can clear status effects (like fire clearing bleed) by charging (1.5 seconds? Idk) or using a self explosion on yoursfel or being attacked with a magic that clears that status effect.

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