Would you like Roblox if swearing was allowed?

As in, would you like to have roblox allow swearing
  • Yes
  • No

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I would, as its one of the reasons why I have my “development platform crisis/breakdown”

complicated question. if people had the power to curse it would cause an extremely toxic environment. however i do think that moderation is shit and could be worked on.

Age 13+ accounts should honestly be able to swear by default
They could just filter the cusses on 12 and younger accounts’ clients instead of every one


There should be an option to remove the chat filter. Maybe some parental lock to stop certain accounts from using it.



This is a complicated question for me but I would say no. Roblox is designed as a website for all ages so if all of the parents knew that after a certain point their kids would be allowed to swear they would just go mad, even if for younger players the words would be filtered. In this scenario, Roblox just wouldn’t be as popular as it is now.



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accounts with ages registered 13+ should enable a sort of swear censor takedown, 13- the opposite

age requirement could be higher-upped, but this was my opinion; doubt they’ll enable any sort of swear in the platform otherwise

i know it would be toxic, but i might want swearing moderated in such a way that only “comedy/funny swearing” would be allowed

i wanna link a video but i might get banned off the forums so dm me on discord for video examples (peppa swearing voiceover, roblox wheel of fortune livestream)


you expect Roblox’s dumbass mod AI to do such a task


uhhhhhhhhhh maybe


they already bypass the shit, may as well.

“wtf” and “lmao” should be allowed again, they weren’t rlly used as swears but more as an expression
any other swear and i expect roblox chat to go :monkey:


Yes. Simply because I want to be able to gank in AO and hear a child spam as many racial/lgbt slurs as they can to get me to stop only fueling my intent to kill them more


it would be nice for people like 16+ probably

i know its a kids platform, but its also opening it up to adults/mature audiences more? sure no stupid nsfw games because thats obvious

it would also be funny to see naive parents of young kids rating roblox a 1 star because they saw people swearing and screaming racial slurs to their kid who lied about their age

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Yes, because if it did, that means that all words and numbers Roblox does not seem to recognise that they exist, now can be said too. If Roblox ever fixed that crap filled system, then I would answer “No”, but in the current situation, bad deeds need to be done in orders for good results to be seen.

yea I’d love to see some 8 year old dream watching baby say fuck ur mom when he gets killed in Phantom Forces/Arsenal/World Of Magic. I wouldn’t give a fuck if I can’t swear on a baby’s game cause I have the option to talk to them instantly on Discord.

Anybody who’s over 20 playing roblox should go get a job most people playing here are below 20. Kids can easily put their age as 32 and most teenagers would use it just for being toxic.

Overall my opinion is why the fuck would you want to enable swearing on a roblox platform silly you got discord where the chat doesn’t do weird shit 95% of the time.

Allowing Swearing Totally and Allowing certain words which aren’t considered as swears but roblox considers them as swear words.

Roblox already is using Indian Mods instead of hiring American Mods because it’s cheaper they prefer to use a bot to ### out certain words instead of depending on 2% of the Indian Population to consider whether something is considered toxic or not.

TLDR: Baby Raging, Edgy Toxic teenagers (Half of this forum), Bad Moderation etc so NO.

You sure you would like to see guild members being more toxic then they already are cause most of them use discord and aren’t below 13?

Also do you not see how easily some kid could just put his age as 15 Rb1?


This but unironically.

Baby rages with no filter…

Thee wouldn’t be any kids there so the scams there and annoying cash grabs will be MUCH lower