Would You Rather (Archenhailor #8)

  • Have global roblox headless + 1,000 robux
  • Have 50,000 ingame headlesses
  • Be able to become a real life headless (you can make your head invisible and back)

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well you see… global roblox headless + 1k robux is like 320 dollars, 50k headless in wom would just make you the richest person if you were a trader, but i’d rather scare the shit out of my friend by having no head :sunglasses:

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Headless’ value would decreases simply by the existence of 50k unless you’re stockpiling them all high on top an island till they’re rarer than the diamond and only letting small amounts of headless leave your possession.

If you could actually take your head off, you’d probably manage to get more than 320 dollars.

Don’t join the game on the account with 50k headlesses so that no one knows they exist. On dead servers, get a few alts and distribute the headlesses so that none of the alts have more than 10 headlesses. When primordial magics are added, spend the whole day with those alts trading for primordial magics. Just flood the economy with headlesses. By the time the price of a headless drops, you’ll already have a bunch of primordials.

i’d become a real life headless, make up a story about aliens coming on earth and sending me to relay a message, tell others that they too can gain my abilities, and start a cult.

extort a fuck ton of money out of people, then depending on how i got the ability, i’d give some random people the ability every once in a while to incentivize continued worship.

then i’d retire, elect one of the people who i gave the ability to as leader, and let them deal with the dilemma of not knowing how to give others the ability. maybe commit a war crime or two.

What if you get arrested?

apart from the war crimes part, not really committing a crime. if someone threatens to “expose” me, just cry religious freedoms or some shit. been done, currently being done, really the only thing different about this specific cult is that it’s a tiny bit more believable.

also my followers will probably take care of it for me anyway.

50,000 headless would basically make headless not as valuable if you were to trade a good amount away.

why would i want my head invisible irl the police boutta catch me for it and detain me

$10 worth of bobux? yes

To be fair, if the police arrested you for not having a head, you can put your head back on and tell the judge all of the cops are schizophrenic.

oh, you meant arrest me for not having a head? don’t even think they can do that lol, not really breaking the law (i think).

but yeah i’d probably do the head reattachment routine just to fuck with the cops.

Actually, the Head Laws of 1979 prohibit the use of headlessness in the US. Similar laws have been passed in other countries.

damn :flushed:
guess my consensual decapitation shop is never happening huh?

bro i deadass thought you were being serious and checked it up, was about to ask how tf that even came to be

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i think ur inventory is gonna crah like mine is laggy as hell with 6k items

The price is already dropped simply by the existence of the supply, that just sounds like scamming.

Kind’ve like Supreme shirts that can be made with like 2 bucks

Don’t care about the Roblox headless
Getting caught having 50,000 WoM Headlesses would get me banned
So I guess the third.

i will only say one thing

halloween costumes

being a dullahan is cool