Would you rather be able to kill any human or kill any organism except humans?

  • Magically able to kill any human
  • Magically able to kill any organism except humans
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No human can ever kill you, unless they attack you first while you’re unconscious for example. You are safe from criminals and terrorists.

However, your ability would be useless in the wilderness. This ability is only good in society.

Everyone except humans

You are immune to every pathogenic sickness. You can also easily survive in the wild as you can magically make your enemies dead, allowing you to eat their dead bodies.

Your ability isn’t too good in the modern world where humans would be your biggest threat.

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i want to kill spiders

i live in a society so i might as well pick kill any human

I could wipe out all the sharks


i could probably get some decent jobs with the second one

the first one would probably land me in a list, or some “unsavory” jobs

i dunno man but being able to kill anyone with a guaranteed chance of success (ingame) will take you places, not good places but places

you could get caught and imprisoned but i mean whos gonna stop you from just walking out (ingame)

what would i do with killing people, it’d be better to just be able to eradicate diseases

So, basically you gotta choose between becoming this—

Or this—


Assuming “anything not human” also can include ETs and ghosts and pretty much every single other type of being under the sun, I choose the 2nd option.

I prefer not having both but we all already have the ability to kill anything but our own race so might as well be smart about it.

Bro finna become dante if he keeps saying ingame :skull:

being immune to diseases goes insane

Yes it is you gave it disease immunity

Live virus reaction (you can’t kill what isn’t alive)

You can kill infected cells

Oh that is a good point. On that note you can also cure cancer.

isnt that how viruses spread tho-

(unless they need some time to be manufactured)

I NEED an insta-kill forcefield for mosquitos. Also ticks, fleas, parasites, all that nasty stuff

choosing the second one cuz i can kill the good bacteria in humans and cause them to die as well

(but mainly because I HATE FLIES and MOSQUITOS)