Would You Rather: Opposite Ends of a Spectrum

  • Die in 90 celsius heat
  • Die in -50 celsius cold
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  • Fascism/Extremely Corrupt Government
  • Total Anarchy/Extremely High Crime Rate
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  • Extremely Powerful Healing Magic
  • Extremely Powerful Killing Magic
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Liked VS Power
  • Powerful (Magic)/Rich Hated Person (you’re a hated person that can stand their ground from attacks)
  • Weak (Magicless/Disabled)/Poor Loved Person (you’re loved but someone could easily kill you)
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  • Glass Cannon
  • Tank With Abyssmal Damage
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AO Meta
  • Power/Defense Meta
  • Substat Meta
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  • Bad Internet + Good PC
  • Good Internet + Bad PC
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if someone picks killing magic they got an issue, unless they’re like an exterminator or something

By loved person, do you mean loved universally or loved within some circle of people

closer to universal

For the internet pc one, at least with a good pc you can play any offline game you want, with any amount of mods, and still play online games.
But with a bad pc, everything is affected.

i was thinking about this more job-like, as in doctor vs legal hitman/paid hunter

as a person with alright internet and a bad laptop, I can confirm that life would be hell with worse internet; it’s already terrible as is
For bad pc just optimize it ngl (or just deal with the lag)

depending on how weak/strong i am

is it universal or is it just me?

like, if 1st option, am i the only one strong and rich and everyone else is weak ( relative to me ) and poor or are they still normal and vice versa for option 2 ?

Not all fascist governments are corrupt you know.

I’m not trying to defend fascism, but I’d much rather have A GOVERNMENT than NO GOVERNMENT, even though they might be running the country into the ground in corruption.

how would you commit a crime if there are no people making rules?
would it be a crime to make rules when there are supposed to be no rules?

morals are still a thing even without rules, like how not returning a shopping cart to where it was isnt against the law, but if you dont you may as well be some feral animal

Here’s the real question

Pineapple on pizza
  • Yes
  • No
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balancecord should really look into question 6 (substat meta vs power/defense meta)

their answer:
reduced attack speed affinity to 5%
this was made to combat attack speed abuse
increased size gain from jewels by 250%
increased power and defence gain from ehcnantments by 20%