Would you rather

  • Lose your guild
  • Lose your rep (which is gonna happen anyway)
  • Lose all your hard earned crowns

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rep (past hostile/protector) is legit useless all it does is make ur name a funny color so im picking that

Ez pick
I can just rejoin my guild, you can make tons of crowns by using alt accounts and sending yourself the crowns, and rep is gonna happen anyway
Lose guild

Rep is nothing to me bc I do whatever benefits me most for my goals

I highly value reputation

sorry brother
im not in a guild ingame :crab:

i used to have a guild but i disbanded it bc the logo sucked

i dont have a lot of crowns from being killed a lot

Not in a guild so pretty simple answer

I honestly don’t care about any of these, although crowns could be useful for boats.
I’ve got an abandoned bank guild on an alt and keep a neutral/friendly reputation, and none of my crowns are really “hard-earned” since hunting bosses can give like 500-1000 per 10 min

I’m in tons of guilds, but I can rejoin all.
I can lose my reputation and gain it all back.
I can lose all my crowns and gain it all back.

I can choose all and regain all, ez

Reputation is a minor asset anyways.

I was thinking these questions would have more to them and not be something super simple and not losing anything

…Pretty sure the idea is that all the guilds you are in get deleted, so you would lose the infamy and everything

oh well
i’d rather take the other ones
it’d also mean suncry gets deleted

though im only in 2 guilds ingame and one is a bank, the other is a joke guild

eh still id find losing a sunken item (not even sunken blade) worse than that

Take one for the team man

death to Suncry it seems

a small price to pay

My rep is demon (pain) also I have no crowns lmao

rep is pretty easy to gain back I just gotta kill a few gn npcs and I’m good