Would you rather

  • Be an expert at math, science, English, history, and the arts
  • Ask 5 questions to an all-knowing god and be given a detailed answer

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I’d ask how to get good at everything for my first question :fr:

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oh snap
lol nice never would’ve thought of dat

Then I’d ask how to extend my lifespan so I have the time to master them :fr:

i think i might’ve made this too easy i need to edit dis slightly again xd

Then I’d ask how to usurp his throne since I now know equally as much as him :fr:

(or her idfk)

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Being able to ask questions to an all-knowing deity would tell me a lot more than what those subjects would let me know about

idk finally being able to do science and math and stuff and actually remember everything in them would be pog
plus it enables me to be able to have almost any job i want as i can ultimately get straight As and ace college
just go for a major where i can earn like 300k annually and boom set for life
plus i’m now smart in a ton of fields so that’s an added bonus

I take great satisfaction in solving things myself

now hand over the knowledge

i’d do none of it.

i dont want either. i want to be able to continue my life without knowing anything. whats the point of living if you already know everything?