Wrong build route

so i wasnt quite in the loop with the stat builds from day one and onwards for a while. with my current build route being way past the reset level + not having the awakening yet, please enlighten me if theres another way to reset or i should just go and have the awakening, ty

in roughly a month, v1.12 will drop and give all players a free stat reset, which also resets awakenings

well you could wait like a month for potions or just continue and still have to wait for potions

so i guess i should go and do the awakening then, after the update i could go with the one i actually want i suppose??

yes, also, when potions get added, you can make a potion using some rare ingredients which resets your stats, allowing you to re-allocate them all which also changes your awakening too

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The Interchange potion won’t let you change your awakening, I’m fairly certain. It will only reset your stats to 0 to be reallocated.

well thats just stupid

Kind of, yeah. It’s not really useful now, but when people have thousands of stat points to spend at the endgame it will be more useful.

if i change from berserker to mage i just have 2 fighting style slots just for shits and giggles

But that’s not because of the potion or any in-game mechanic. That’s just something Vetex is doing to help people out.

Every time vet’s been asked about whether resetting stats will reset awakenings, he’s said they would

aint no way vetex is letting people have Conjurer’s Focus with max Weapons

My mistake. it just seems kind of redundant now to have a free awakening reset when potions will come out sometime.

Probably just as a “first grace” so that if you accidentally mess up your build once early on you’re not forced to grind for the potion (until you want to change stats again)