Wtf is a tiger rush

I like how in every pvp leak we’ve managed to miss a player or npc using tiger rush by a few seconds.
Tiger rush
tiger rush
must be a pretty meta move

it a move that yeets you forward like impaling strike

It’s a grab move on bladed type weapons

not a grab

Yea it is


when vetex makes 3rd weapon skills he gotta showcase dual flints

A tiger rush is basically when you say, “it’s tiger time” and then you start tigering all over the place

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Tiger rush was a fist held by the god tigerbaby himself…

It is an ancient technique and is also the strongest + rarest in all of the seas…


you throw a tiger at someone and then it rushes them, what did you think it was?

in the cirrus island combat vid you can see it has the same movement as every other grab we’ve seen, and they cancel when they make contact so its a pretty safe guess that its a grab (on top of a tester confirming it)

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i disagree
by grab attack he means the attack type that has a shared cooldown
as impaling strike doesnt actually grab the opponent and instead passes right through them, in my terms its not a grab.
i remember seeing somewhere said that tiger rush also doesnt actually grab the opponent (though i may be wrong) which to me wouldnt be a grab move.

But it doesn’t mention moves like spiraling fury which aren’t grabs but share the grab cooldown


the only time we’ve seen impaling strike is on a boss, which means that this takes place:
i’m going to assume that there’s more to it than just that dash, because every other grab is the same way :man_shrugging:

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Mans really disagreeing with a tester :skull:

Like diva said none of the moves that share a cd with grabs are on the list(spiraling fury) and you can’t grab bosses but you can still deal damage with grabs almost like a dash impact also like what diva said

spiralling fury shares grab cooldown?

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Evaporate GIFs | Tenor

also how do you find the trello things so fast

ctrl f is my best friend

finding stuff that was said on the forums (especially discord screenshots) take a lot more searching though

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wheres the wobble

Stuff said through discord is easiest to find by searching it(though i know you’re still banned)