WTO [Want to offer] LF [Sunken sword]

I’m trading Vastira [Level 50]
I’m looking for Sunken sword
I also got 6k fish baits :d

it doesnt get ss

You can’t even afford a sunken for a Vastira

I am not saying I am trading my Vastira for ss?

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I mean a Vastira is worth WAY less than a sunken

Yea, no shi, ik :d
I am saying that I have a vastira and 6k baits, if someone needs any of these : d

oh. good luck getting a sunken


@ThatOneGuy his first post was closed down so this is the first one you can welcome on

might wanna explicitely state that youre not offering the vastira + 6k fishbait for a ss (sunken sword)

oh and its pretty unnecessary to say that youre looking for a ss if youre not offering for one nor expecting to get one with what you have :person_shrugging:

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