Y'all Ready for Legendary Weapons to Return?

[Riddle made by Tech]

wot this from


What does the riddle have to do with weapons?

SWORD that pierces time or whatever

that doesn’t seem to be something that you should take literally, it looks more like a metaphor


Oh then me stoopid

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I just hope this time no one can steal your hard earned shit from you. That was so annoying

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what (10 characters)

it used to be possible for people to steal the map to the legendary weapon off you if they rked you. Extremely annoying in my opinion should never have been in the game.

gonna be real i just want my magic katana back


how did u get legendary weapon from that?

I am not looking forward to suncry getting ahold of a legendary weapon and farming me for infamy.
But i do want legendary weapons to exist because that (to me) was half the fun of chest hunting in arcane.

also, fairly certain that riddle is about the storyline

legendary weapons were cool ngl

Not sure if the riddle has anything to do with the legendary weps (except for sword of time maybe)

But if they do return (and I want them to) I hope the method of obtaining them is different than in AA.

Fishing for a long time only to get a legendary chart with no guarantee that you’ll even get the legend sucked. Someone could steal your hard earned work and I hated that system.

yeah id just imagen suncry would have even more of a reason to rk is the old system is implemented

golden blood (ichor) of long past just means gods golden blood from a long time ago and then is to do your best to make it last
2nd line means to make a weapon and inherit its will (this means the reason it was made for or the past users of this weapon)
3rd line means the its a sword that pierces everything lel
4th lin probably means its so sharp to sow the wind and about a whirlwind attack

sorry if it didnt make sense im not very good at riddles ;-;

sword of time pierces all.
its usually refered to the “cold hands of time” rotting everything that he thouches
basically. everything degrades with the time

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