Yall should I get a 3060

so canadian here, saw an asus dual 3060 on sale for 380 cad (around 274 usd) and was kinda tempted to get it as an upgrade because its one of the few cards under 400 cad I can get with 12g vram

oooooooor I could get a 4060 with 8g but iirc 3060 and 4060 are pretty on par in terms of performance so should I value the vram higher

would be more useful to know what you intend to do w/ it and what kind of setup you’re running on (is your psu strong enough? what resolution and fps do you play at?)

itsa 80+ bronze at 600w and usually i either go for 1080p uncapped or 144

i just be tryna go crazy with like nms with shader mods or some other games like fo76, warframe, valheim and potentially bg3 or forza

also ror2 with a crap ton of mods

honestly just dont wanna feel like im missing on a deal here

what’s your current gpu anyway?

honestly its still a really decent one, 2060s

maybe im just getting wasteful with money

that’s a pretty solid card already for what you want to use it on, so making such a small leap doesn’t seem worth it imo

ight yeah thats fair, thanks

but I just wanna ask anyway
is higher vram on a 3060 better or a 4060 with 8g? because ive been getting varied responses

can’t answer that myself but i think do wait for another opinion on the whole situation

Sell your left kidney and buy a 4090 :money_mouth_face:

600w psu would blow up

Or :pray: to RNGesus

Man I wanna get into building a computer but all these numbers and terms make my head spin lol. I wish you good luck though!

no you should get me a 3060 :blush:

creature with feeble mind, your precursors did not die for this

honestly after watching a few pc building videos you start to realize that the numbers arent actually as bad at they seem