yES lEtS HaVE a tOUrnAMEnT

have 0 experience in practical pvp, someone like to have a tournament with me in ancient coliseum rn? wanna earn some experience. am lv 80

asked in servers, no one responded bruh

always available to receive bullying, profile?

igh, wait

sent in inbox

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If either of you want casual pvp practice you can hop into this server

I need someone to fight with


siduh gldsiaufoga glfgfuoaurg heypiugh co i7yagrla8k

I think I saw you in a server earlier, I am sorry for not responding. I wish you luck on your PVP adventures

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he said


siduh gldsiaufoga glfg fu oaurg heypiugh c o i7yagrla8 k

hope this helps

Yes, thank you so much

you find my secret message?


was it the word fuck. the italicized letters spell it out

I will fight anyone.

will yuo fight yourself

What is that supposed to mean.

I didn’t answer your question. I would fight myself. I’m just trying to get good at fighting so fighting myself would be good practice

Hello I am Mufasa, Father of the Pride and steward of the Savannah. Can someone fight my firstborn child, Simba? He is young and has much to learn. I would train him myself but I sense that my time in this world is running out.

Bro how come there are so many ppl resonding on a useless thread