Yet another epic roblox moderation momento

my brother sent me this image from his account, this is a whole new level of stupidity, it wasnt a purposeful ban or anything either.

ladies and gentlemen, the word “black” is now banned on roblox

not surprising dnc

then dont reply ok bye

Roblox moderation is truly the pinnacle of moderation on the internet

lol xd ur bad


If he was referring to an actual dog this ban is stupid

he was playing an scp game or something, he said one of them looked like a black dog.

Ok the ban is stupid then

I see Roblox misunderstanding him tho

Cant the moderators see the game and chat history for it?

roblox let these kinds of reports through and actually ban users for such a vague post? seems like they’re trying to sterilize any trace of behavior that’s gonna “harm” children as if they’re not already aware of such slang by this point

are you joking? this is roblox moderation lmfao
tho i am surprised that he actually got a successful ban appeal from them


Chat is automoderated, appeals are glanced for 2.5 seconds

That is so dumb

roblox uses incredibly flawed ai for moderation

My brother got banned for a day for the word “die”

He’s kinda a jailbreak sweat so maybe there’s context, but I don’t see why Roblox wouldn’t include it

moderation is cringe :pensive:

People make fun of Twitch moderation… yet here we are on Roblox.

Powering Imagination, truly.

Maybe it was “CDC”? They might of thought your brother was doing COVID misinfo? Idk.

maybe, he was playing some scp game and he said it had something to do with that.