Yo, it's me, MemeSnorfer. Lurker, Cool chad, Wind user extraordinaire

Hey, my main files ig name is Gale Anchor (haha get it, because it’s a wind file?).

I think wind is neat. It’s just too satisfying to give those random fishers a little nudge.

I’m probably gonna end up being some poor support role, relentlessly getting targeted during fights.

So anyways, hi :>


hi welcome to forum

You know, it will be interesting to see how knockback is used in PvP.

welcome to my everyday life fellow wind user

hi welcome to forum here a cookie :cookie:

roblox sad story

Hi welcome!! Gosh ur so cool…also I love your derpy pfp! So classy!

it’s gonna be a breeze

yes hi

L1.Dc_vi12 welcomes you to the forum.