Yo should i write a story

Should write a story about the Arcane Universe?

  • Yes
  • no
  • who r u

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I thought about starting a series following a duo, a swordsman and a mage, and their miscellaneous adventures across the seas. Sort of like Adventure Time but in the Arcane universe. Haven’t gotten to actually making it though and still debate on it.

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im gonna do a pirate story i guess. Basicly some people get in debt and are forced to do pirate sheinagins

sounds interesting enough æ

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I’m going to do a story based off of my main files discoveries and explorations in Arcane Odyssey. ave to wait till AO releases for me to start taking notes.

was going to make story but I forgor :skull: (crushing school work + procrastination :sunglasses: )


make the story where the main characters get pregnant with big chungus

sometimes i wonder why the internet exists

for me to write great suggestions such as the one above, there is no other reason

I forgor who u were

who r u again

I am the guy

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oh, the guy

I’d say do it, but don’t burn yourself out on it. Work on it at your own pace and it’ll be fun.

Good tip: plan before you write it; schools try to drill that into your head and it does help. (Also, double-check your work afterwards, it helps)

I got quite burnt out from writing a story when I reached 3k words, then 8k words, then 10k words.

It’s fun, you should try it