Yo what happened to @Mr.Steve

apparently he’s suspended for a few hours?
what happened there lol

3 days

Multiple messages he sent were flagged, so I assume that’s what contributed to his suspension

good riddance honestly

He repeatedly insulted someone. I think it was Zephyr.

i’m surprised he didn’t get suspended sooner, tbh.
mans was always on something.

Don’t know, but I feel indifferent about him being suspended. Half good riddance half sorry.

Oh shit he’s back? God damn it.

His suspension ended and he apologized. I’ll give the guy a chance, honestly.

At this point im just done with the guy. He always says he’ll do better yet somehow does worse than last time.

Especially after that lgbtq thing he went in about.

I don’t lose respect for people but I genuinely don’t like zephyr at all.

what lgbtq thing

lol I was bout to say “hasn’t this guy made like 3 apologies” but I wasn’t sure.
like people on youtube making apology videos after they get involved in a scandal.

oh well, it’s pretty funny anyway.

should be on his most recent apology post

also i didnt know this guy was suspended like 2 times

he was?

Idgaf what he says at that point. Im just done with his shit.

if you have 3 punishment points, then you have been suspended like 2 times

not surprised tbh, but pretty funny

By the way, these are all the things he said that could have got him suspended.

This and this plus some I didn’t mention.

Note that these were in the same post and repeatedly. Yeah, honestly Steve looked on it on his own.

internet 12 year old edgelords gotta edgelord, i guess.
if this were any other social media platform, that’d be an immediate block.