Yooo finally finish the easter event

im from the first 3 to finish it : D


also got 100% badge on bronze sea


Are you sure you’re from the first 3?
Unless you took the screenshot way ago, you’re probably among the last.

yes, i just finish it yesterday when it started

what :sob:

man, i finish it even before it started, i finish it on 4th, the starts in 7th, im the first one to finish it : D

no? you arent?
i have proof

i did it over a month ago

i finished mine 2 days after the event started

bro imagine not finishing the event before it starts

atleast i dont boast about having completed the event as the third while you clearly didnt

what do u mean, the event starts in 2 days, u can see the date


as u see, its 7th in the screenshot, while rn its 5th, and i finish it on 4th

its may 3rd…

what do u mean its may 3rd, may is 1 month away

this has gotta be bait

me trolling? never

took y’all long enough

haha I finished the event in under 24 hours

Screenshot (24)
Screenshoooot (24)

If anybody was the first 3 it should be me (I’m the best)

that was my first comment on this post :sob:

Easter event should give you Easter lanterns if you didn’t get them already

that was last year’s reward, shrimply get better next time

i finished the event 3 times

y’all collective