You already read a book? , how much already have you read?

how much , tell more about you.


I might be slow but I cannot understand what your asking


You guys don’t saw your books in half for storage?

Only books I own are the entire Berserk deluxe edition collection

cost me like 450~ dollars overall for all 12.

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i would never saw a book…

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if youre talking about saw then at least two

I would saw a book easy ngl

:closed_book: :carpentry_saw:

to kill a mockingbjrd and romeo angd uliet

saw the whole thing
my favorite part was when pee wee herman died in it’s final act
it was such a tear jerker


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I do indeed read books, and I have read countless books in my life.

im confused

i can ot read book. i am starving iliterate child this is last thing before die. gootbye

you are starving , but you decide to buy “patreon” and not buy food.

he made the right choice. Maybe.

If you’re an old dude, you must have read at least one book, like, ever.
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starbuc capucino farpe latte

I used to read quite a few books, but after covid, I didn’t really feel energized to read any books anymore. Plus, with all of my current homeowrk assignments, I would just be drained out from reading too much. I do, however, write stories in my spare time which I guess counts as reading a book. Check out Hiring All Villains! in #writing on the forums. Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 1 - Writing - Arcane Odyssey

99 books its enough?