Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 1

“Mr. Almondo, You’ll be pleased to know that the new applications from around the country are arriving right now. We’ve received over 50 of them, the perfect vessels for our plan.”

“Please, Wanda, you’re get me excited over something that hasn’t happened yet. Although, with this many recruits, there’s no telling what we can accomplish. I’ll send this folder over to my people at the DVP so that they can get a look in. I’ll see you out.” Mr. Almondo walked over to the door to greet Wanda out of his office. As she left, he could hear her heels clomp against the tiled floor in the building. The man locked the door behind him and rolled up his sleeve to take a glance at his watch. The time was 9:59 AM, and the workers were etching to begin their assignments. When the clock struck 10, the hustle began and people were pacing all over the floor.

Mr. Almondo took a relieving sigh as exciting work needed to be completed today. The world was beginning to turn, and he was not waiting for it to turn without him. The busy man walked straight across towards a large room with a golden plate labeled ‘DVP’ on it. He opened the room as peace and quiet greeted him back.

“Ah, Mr. Almondo. I see you’re early today!”

“Time is money, and money is what makes the world the place that we love so dearly. How’s your daughter doing, Frederick?”

“Oh, you know. Just going through that teenage angst phase. I remember when I was a teenager once… I miss those times. Did you know-”

“Hey, Fred. I asked how your daughter was, not how pathetic your life was during puberty. Now, have you heard anything from the president?”

“The president is a busy man, he doesn’t have time for an institution like us!”

“Well, if he won’t make time for us, he’ll make time for me. If the government is going to implement a secret organization, the least they could do is give me a phone call. I’m sure other department heads are getting special treatment with being served golden platters and dessert bars! Dessert bars!”

“You know, Mr. Almondo, I rather like dessert bars. I find them to be a modern method for-”

“Hey, Fred?”

“Yes, Mr. Almondo?”

“I now know why your wife divorced you. Take a look in the mirror and reflect onto your opinions in life and how utterly disgusting they are. Now, we are planning on expecting some guests in the next few minutes. In fact, they should be here any second now.”

“You’re so inspiring. Your comments to better myself keep me going!” Mr. Almondo looked at his colleague in disgust. He then turned around so that he could sit in his chair at the meeting table. The room was rather empty, but it was large enough to fit a large table and a few fancy decorations around to make it seem professional and classy. A suitcase was then opened to prepare for the meeting that was about to take place. A knock on the front door was heard, knocking exactly three times.

Wanda then entered the room with the guests that Almondo was waiting for. “Mr. Almondo, the Vice President of the United States is here to see you.”

“Of course, bring them in!” Mr. Almondo stood from his place to greet the Vice President.

“No need for formal greetings, I already know who you are, Mr. Almondo.”

“Well, Vice President Coolidge, if the ones on top do not respect the hierarchy in place, the ones on the bottom will start to flip the pyramid upside down. We simply cannot have that.”

“An interesting way to see how you feel about the citizens we are serving. Certainly you don’t believe for this ideology to be fully true? Oh well, it really doesn’t matter what you may think; we have matters to discuss. I’m only here for what the president wants, not on my own accord.”

“A true example of hierarchy. Now, we have recently received new applicants towards the new movement the President has been working on. Take a look.”

The Vice President then glanced briefly at the folder he was handed. His aids tried to look from where they were sitting, but some were too far away to take a good look.

“How did you manage to find these people, Mr. Almondo?”

“A magician never reveals their secrets.” Coolidge took a brief laugh before closing the folder and handing it back across the table.

“We’ll, Mr. Almondo, I find this to be great for the Hero Project. Surprisingly, a lot of citizens have used their new found powers for good. The small few who did think about committing crimes were overwhelmed by mere pedestrians. Soon enough, there will be too many heroes for the United States to take care of. Who knows, they may even soon go against us in the future. But, with this plan, we can give our citizens something to do before we continue on to the next steps. These powers can create more bad than good!”

One of the aids then began to ask a question. “Mister Vice President, are you implying that we are hiring people to become villains against our own people?” Mr. Almondo then chimed in.

“Precisely. We aren’t just merely hiring them, we’re creating them. The DVP, or Departemt of Villainous Propaganda, is a secret organization to unite the people towards a common goal. With so many people with superpowers, we simply can’t control them all. This way, by creating villains, the citizens will be focused on them and not us. Now, please, don’t get it twisted. These will not be your average villains you see in cartoons. Oh, this will be something greater! Full fledge attacks all around the country!”

Multiple aids within the room gasped at the idea. With such a plan, danger will surely run throughout the country. “B- but, sir! This would be ruining lives! Citizens, buildings, families, they’ll all be ruined by this!”

Mr. Almondo then stared down at the aid’s eyes as if he were a dog. “What? I see no problem with that.” Mr. Almondo then arose from his seat. He packed up all of his belongings inside of his suitcase. He walked towards the door and opened it, but not without saying a final goodbye.

“Mr. Almondo, the plan is good, but don’t you think we should dial it down a bit. I mean- this is just too eccentric!” The Vice President seemed a bit unhinged by what was said by the head of the DVP.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Coolidge, I can sympathize with your hurt feelings knowing that citizens will die, but rest assured this will help strengthen the country, not weaken it. Look on the bright side, this would help with hurting our foreign enemies. Sadly, though, it simply doesn’t matter what you think as the president is behind me with full support. You’re simply below him so I have nothing else to talk to you about as I finished what I needed to finish. Good day, Albert.”

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so is this just the government trying to unify the worst population in the world with villains?

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So basically what the government is trying to do is gather a bunch of villains so that the citizens who do have superpowers focus all of their attention towards the villains instead of a possibility of people overthrowing the government. This way, citizens aren’t going to try and do anything to the government as there are bad people roaming around destroying places, which would be a higher priority to focus on.

Mr. Almondo. I don’t like him.

Also this sounds way to much like the United States government or something it would do.

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