You are an immortal person and your goal is to start a religion/cult/following

i mean i feel like the draining water out of the human body factor would work only if you are stronger than the opponent

Where is that stated?

I suppose godsight would have one application in locating your rival god or religious leaders founding religions that oppose yours.

But like… eh? You can just remove their access to water and they’ll have to come out eventually. (The mortal religious leaders, that is)

just an opinion

i mean draining all of the moisture out of your enemys without drawbacks and or limitations would be too op even for an immortal fight

The point is that you are a god this isnt a movie its not supposed to be balanced

immortal person not a god

a god probably would not die to even an immortal person(like a curse user facing a god)

Doesn’t matter what I pick. I convince everyone I am the second coming of Christ by killing myself and coming back.

If another immortal tries to kill me, I kill myself first. They can’t kill me if I’m dead.

Cursebeard and durza:

assuming the time powers arent limited, i could slow/speed up time to the point where the rival could never move or they destroy themselves with a twitch of their muscles, but i guess the whole unbreakable thing makes speeding up time useless. for the following, it comes naturally

it doesn’t even have the future too, just the past, there’s no way it can win the bonus round

I mean, i guess you could try to set up an ambush in some way, although since you both have superhuman reaction time, I dunno how well that would work out, especially considering some of the powers available.

Guess I’ll die (or not since I’m immortal)

wind powers are pretty funny assuming I can delete all breathable air on the planet and just autokill the other immortal guy as he suffocates quickly from a lack of atmosphere

that or water powers and I could delete all water on the planet (including inside of other people)

Then u die

I’d choose time control, especially for the bonus round. I can just freeze (slow them to practically no movement) the enemy, regardless of their powers, then easily kill them