You are an immortal person and your goal is to start a religion/cult/following

You are immortal. You can’t die at all. Your body is unbreakable. Your goal is to start a religion/cult/following. Any injuries or disabilities you have will be healed in your immortal self.

Aside from immortality, what other power would you pick to help you?
  • Water Magic (can create/control/destroy)
  • Fire Magic (can create/control/destroy)
  • Earth Magic (can create/control/destroy)
  • Wind Magic (can create/control/destroy)
  • Lightning Magic (can create/control/destroy)
  • Telekinesis
  • Time deceleration/acceleration
  • God Sight (IRL Spectator Mode + Night Vision + ESP + Seeing into the past)
  • Invisibility (can make anything invisible, not just you)
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You can fly at mach 2. You have 18x the strength of a normal person. You have superhuman reaction time. You don’t need to eat or sleep, but you can do those if you want. You can toggle feeling physical pain. You also have a 4-meter 20kg magical glowing spear that you can telekinetically control innately.

What power are you choosing and what is your strategy?


Oh no! In this bonus round, you are immortal but can be killed by one other person who’s also immortal. They also have a 4 meter spear and can fly and has superhuman strength. You don’t know what power they have, but you know it’s from the list above. You don’t know who they are, but they’re out to kill you. You also want to kill them.

What power are you now choosing and what is your strategy?

my one goal would be find a way to die
cause immortality SUCKS.

you’re lucky in the bonus round

I’d just telekinetically implode the poor guy’s brain.
what’s he gonna do? unimplode his brain???

just freeze everything around me with time deceleration and cut off their head

to make people follow me, i can show them me making plants grow, wither, die, and then reverse back to life, or possibly even heal sick people by reversing them to before they had been infected, might even be able to bring the dead back to life

I mean, if the goal is to make everyone follow me, the most sure fire way to do that is to create a need for them to do so. Like an actual survival necessity. And what’s the most important need spare oxygen?


So I’d become the god of Life itself. I’d remove most water from the planet, leaving nowhere near enough for everyone and everything. However, I would spawn an infinite supply of the stuff at my churches. All would have to bow before me or be slain by their own biological needs.

then the farms would die and habitats would dry out and everyone would starve to death

Pray to me and I’ll restore them. Don’t and everyone you love perishes.

It’s the perfect plan for piety. Like yes, a lot of people will die. Like, probably over half the human population. However, you can be assured of the remainder’s devotion. Is it moral? Heck no, but it’ll work.


but what if i dont want to

Look, time manipulation is cool and all, but I literally have the entire planet in a chokehold if I get to decide whether or not everyone has water.
I guess if the other guy that wants me dead had time manipulation I would be cooked, as I wouldn’t be able to defend myself, but if they don’t have it, it’s ggs.

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Exactly—utilizing the water abilities to their fullest would be the most effective. Sure it seems mundane at first, but then you realize that you effectively decides who lives and dies without even needing to personally kill them.

is the time acceleration/deceleration global or can you choose an object to effect?
if you can choose the object, I will become the goddess of life an decay :3

obviously god sight bec it would make peopple believe you

God sight. I would look into his past and use his demons to cripple him emotionally. While he’s sobbing uncontrollably on the ground I would just cut off his head.

Meh, cults are for chained up dead gods and their sacrificial offering of an avatar.

I’ll pick water, since you specify that you can create/control/destroy. Did you know that, like the earth, the human body is 70% water? I’ll just remove all the water from his body, preferably through every pore in his body at explosive speeds. Boom, rival killed. Of course, I could also just force all of the blood in his body to his brain, make his head literally explode, but eh, turning him into a meat raisin is funnier.

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Time powers seem cool but God Sight is really powerful. I will basically just blackmail the world into worshipping me.

I dont think what i choose matters if im literally immortal and have like 5 other insane superpowers, at least when not considering the bonus round

But i would choose godsight because its just the best but also because it means i can appreciate the beauties of the world

When considering the bonus round, i think they wouldn’t be too bad to kill as long as they dont have godsight since otherwise i cant ambush them (I think it would be a stalemate/equal fight at that point no matter what i choose)

Godsight still best here mainly because it lets me ambush the enemy and avoid being ambushed myself

where ice magic :pensive:

i’ll consider ice magic as part of water

Immortality will get boring eventually given how many humans are like chess pieces, making the same repetitive motions over and over again