You can bring one weapon from AO or WoM into the real world but there's a catch

State the weapon you wish to bring and I will state the catch as a reply. :smiley: have fun.

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Sunken sword just to fuck with the scientific community

When you use the rising tide ability. You can successfully go up and kill everyone within 5 meters of you, but you break both your legs when you land on the ground again.

What if you have prosthetics?

apocalypse bringer


Swinging the blade makes cuts through the air but takes massive amounts of energy and you bruise your arm.

Well then you survive the first fall but on a second time the prosthetics break from impact force.

What if you wear a jetpack?

You blow yourself up along with everything a kilometer from you.

I pick old bow

Jetpacks help with going up not protecting from falls. You could theoretically use rising tide infinitely until the jetpack runs out of fuel and you fall to your death.

You lose arrows when shooting it. Basically its just a bow except on the thirteenth shot the string snaps.

I want a musket

They do help protect from falls

you now have a gun. It takes about two minutes to reload it.

if you use it at the right moments.

No, most have built in parachutes and landing features when they run out of fuel.

We live in the 21st century

okay then. the rising tide ability breaks the parachute chords when you deploy it.

Whatever the legendary weapon is gonna be