You can't trust anyone anymore

think about it… anyone could be rb1
it’s like among us arcane odyssey
amongcane usdyssey…

i only recently learned of the horrid crimes of rb1, but who can i trust? who would be the most devastating person to learn is actually rb1? i might be able to trust myself - i am not rb1

what if vetex is rb1? what if my wife is rb1? what if rb1 is rb2?

how do i gain another’s trust? how do another gain i’s trust? i’m sober

I’m rb2
im different

hi rb1!

no don’t do this to me i’m real i swear i have a portfolio and everything

It was obvious! He’s Rb1! Watch! He will be banned any second now…

Any second now…

That’s exactly what an Rb1 alt would say

He could be in this very post! It could be you, it could be me! It could even b-

who am i anymore

everyone knows RB1 died in the 30/04 after leaking a city vetex was building
he was found dead on his house by his closest friend (me) with a .50 bullet to his head and 12 5mm shots to his back, Vetex’s most loyal goon (NimbleNumble) and the man himself are the biggest suspects
latest messages by RB1

its a obviously a suicide, stop blaming our Lord

yeah and
im rb8

Who is rb1?

RB1 is a troll user who is very well known on these forums for always coming back whenever they get banned.

For some reason IP bans aren’t possible on this website, so they just return with one of their many alt accounts.

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I joined the forums two years ago, so I wonder who I’ve never heard of this person.

They are, you’re just forgetting vpns exist

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