You Guys Have Any Odd Hobbies?

For Me, I Enjoy Picking A Random PVP Game, And Counting Each Warcrime I See
Mainly The “Use Of Weapons” Part

I like hopping on soulshatters to see whatever bullshit someone will spout out because they had to fight in a fighting game



how does one build a world?

Hop Of Roblox Studio, And Build A World

For Example, Throwing A Rock Or Snowball At A Enemy Is A Warcrime

I also like torturing the forums with papa murphy’s pizzas i ruined for fun

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Competitive Air Rifle Shooting. Was fairly okay at it, Captain of my team in HS, was fun stuff. Recommend it to anyone in HS, if your school has it :nod:

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Sounds Fun

Play WoM but not for the grinding Exiled/Minotaur nor fishing for the Sunken set

playing roblox

Practicing kenjutsu. Sadly where I live there’s no official competitions or dojos so I just go outside and practice cuts.

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I like to write and sometimes the idea is just very wild

and maybe some airsoft plinking as I shoot cans

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Look fot good roblox games

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Im adhd anything goes

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reading cookbooks for some reason

i dont even cook (well)


By knowing how to cook (it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece)
you’re already 2 steps ahead of most young fresh graduate


I read books with plot.


A very odd tendency to beat a game then do it again 100% multiple times, especially if the game has other routes/ difficulties

thinking about the universe

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