You have 80 stat points. How would you spend it?


Attack Damage
Attack Size
Cooldown Reduction
Energy Conservation
Projectile Speed

You can have at most 20 stat points per stat. Minimum is 0. How would you spend your points? Answer in replies in this format:


health/attack damage/range/attack size/agility/cooldown reduction/energy conservation/projectile speed

Example: 10/9/10/13/10/9/9/10

I would do 9/9/15/9/12/8/7/11

this isnt AO/WoM lol

Energy Conservation makes you use up less [magic?] energy for each attack

Where’s the luck stat at bro



As a weapon user CD reduction would be vital since that’s pretty much almost always been the limiting factor in the moves I use. Projectile speed would be good for arrows and RS I guess, energy conservation isn’t bad to invest in, agility is just speed, attack size and range means nothing since I’m almost never out of range and arrows are already so tiny that even a 30% increase in their size will hardly make a difference. Damage is self explanatory, more damage = yay, as well as health.

where the Anti Skill Issue stat



I like the challenge.

Health is cool to be able to survive glass cannons trying to one shot you suddenly,
Attack damage… is generally overused
Range can be interesting but I already can’t hit shit right next to me, plus I always like shotguns-like attacks
Attack size is fun and impressive but not something I usually prioritize
Agility is that one stat i would max out if I didn’t care about the game and wanted to get one shot while zooming
Cooldown reduction is something I normally don’t care about since all I do is PvE in basically all games
Energy conservation depends if said game has limited energy rather than something you can infinitely reload
Projectile speed is another thing I don’t care about due to PvE

…So maybe 20/10/0/10/40/0/0

Health 0
Attack Damage 10
Range 15
Attack Size 20
Agility 15
Cooldown Reduction 0
Energy Conservation 0
Projectile Speed 20

who need def when your opponent is a corpse

(meant to fck around for fun and end up actually using my brain lmao)

or fck it just put all of them in health

glass cannon lol

this isnt AO/WoM btw

wait thats illegal u cant put 80 in 1 stat

am dumb




and annoy the shit out of people

attack size 80
fuck you


wait thats illegal



40 Health 40 Agility get fucked