You have a single wish, what would you wish/use it on?

No rules btw (20 char)

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zweihander irl with some maaaagic powers or something

or any sword really

I wish for the ability to make my own wishes, free of any limitations whatsoever


I would wish for the power to do anything, literally anything, including what Broly said.

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I wish for forumers to stop making topics about them being the only person online :pensive:


First I give myself infinite wishes. Then I wish for Arcane Odyssey to be released. Then I use my wishes to summon each Regular (or previous Regular) forumer 1k of each sunken (every enchant), 100 headlesses, and 5 lost/ancient magic scrolls of choice*


They won’t be functional until you can actually get 600 points in magic*

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wish for infinite wishes
you can guess from there

Animus magic…

i would wish to give others wishes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Give myself a power mode for every year of my virginity

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I’ll probably get flagged for this lol

nah you wont

and its also not a very flag worthy post


I wish for Vetex to have the ability to develop games 5x faster


at least we’d have AO by summer then :pensive:

Stop reminding me that AO won’t release this summer, and that we’ll probably be waiting until December

loud warning cry


I wish that everyone’s wishes have a negative side efffect due to poor or vague wording

I would wish for everyone except me to get the feeling as if they are going to sneeze but don’t actually have to sneeze every 5 minutes.

to uh
be supreme overlord of the world