You have to go out on a date with another person on the forums. Who do you choose?

Cringing already? Good, that’s the point of this topic. To show how dumb these questions are getting.

Either way, feel free to answer this one I guess.
I expect 0 actual answers and if that happens I’ll probably have made an impact and that’s all I need

and NO I will not be answering my own question. It’s a parody.


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morden (not forumer, just ao morden)

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vetex my beloved

my head hurts



myself :pensive:

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no one, i single pringle

That’s actually quite sad that out of the whole Pringle Can, the person ate all of the chips besides you

I choose myself because I’m a lonely bastard

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Well since I have to answer. Whoever’s the same age i guess.

perc did you not fucking read the topic
this is a parody.
it exists solely to mock the question topics.

Ah alright!


Myself, and I’ll rent a hotel room too.

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yo mamma ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

you’re into corpses?


no my mom isn’t dead, she’s alive and well

Mimhere or BNT :flushed:

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@anon38832104 :flushed:



Wait, what do you mean that’s not a real person?

do zombies count since I USED DEAD REVIVAL MAGIC ON YO MAMA OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is given birth to