Your favorite roblox youtuber?

  • Tanqr
  • NapkinNate (X)
  • Flamingo
  • Denis Daily (X)
  • Tank Fish
  • DanTDM (X)
  • Tofuu
  • Paradox (Poke, Tommy, Blizzard, Shred, etc.) (X)
  • Sketch
  • Someone Else (Mention in Replies)

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YouTubers with the (X) next to their names have either moved on from Roblox to play other games or have been inactive for long periods of time. The majority of Paradox have gone inactive, so despite that there’s a few members still uploading, I marked them with the X.

I am my own favorite Roblox youtuber


I used to be one of the first subscribers of a Paradox member but he stopped uploading ;(

Ruben Sim

same the only guy i pay attention to is ruben

Konekokitten. Been watching him for 3 years. He does great in both information, and comedy. Damn that gaming footage too.

A second would be Flamingo coz he is fucking jokes

My 3rd would be AgentJohn2, who sadly barely uploads now. But that AA gaming was fun to watch.

used to watch bereghost like . . . 5 years ago or more

RubenSim and Tankfish are the kings of roblox content.

ruben sim is p cool

tbh any yter who has the balls to swear is on the list

None, I don’t watch shit cringe roblox content.


i like thedevking, pretty cool channel :+1:

my brother watches Baxtrix which sucks

Voted someone else, there are 3 really good ones that aren’t up there but I think they’ve been mentioned already. I don’t watch roblox content like that though.

Ruben sim - Uploads content that’s actually funny, and he’s suprisingly mature and down to earth for a roblox youtuber.

Greenlegocats123 - Go to for roblox news. He’s not unbiased, but i’ve enjoyed watching him grow.

Koneko Kitten - Kinda funny, informative, and doesn’t scream in my ear every second, nor does he don a fake way-too-energetic persona (which is my problem with most youtubers in general)

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Yeah konekokitten is probably the only Roblox YouTuber I really like tbh

Albert back when he didn’t have the Flamingo channel was like the best

Grown ass man cussing to a kids game
rapping about his dick being covered in warts and drawing phallic imagery on any surface he had to tools to do so

As entertaining as he can be now, I really liked his edgy content. It’s a shame he had to change it


ruben sim is entertaining