Your favourite roblox Osts

Thanks for @CrimsonCreate for the inspiration to make this topic.

What soundtracks in Roblox do you like the most? I personally like the music for World of magic (Title theme, threat theme, battle themes), Arcane Adventures (Specifically the Borealis shipwreck theme)
Hours, and Entry Point.

Here are a few of my favourite soundtracks and why I like them so much.

Borealis shipwreck. It feels like a new adventure in the second sea even though I only experienced it through arcane reborn. Best moment - 1:12

Dance of Thorns. It feels like you are almost there and this is one of the final things blocking you on your path, the pattern of the music really fits Ronin Alpha’s attack patterns for some reason. Best Moment - 1:02

Full Force. This one is the perfect choice for the final mission of a game like Entry Point, it captures the feeling of being on the last stretch, the final mission, the do or die, the revenge for rose, even though you can hear it in the music that you probably won’t make it, it makes you feel as if you must take this one last full force strike of revenge. Best Moments 1:18 1:40 and 2:08

All of the above soundtracks are the sort of soundtracks to give you goosebumps and make you hum along, what are everyone else’s favourite soundtracks in Roblox games?

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ah yes an old classic

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Only one that comes to my mind rn is this one cause it’s so nostalgic to me

Reminds me of spawning into the game for the first time, on my school chrome book in my aunt’s boiler room during the first spring of covid lockdown

That’s a really specific thing to remember.

It was quite an era for me. I’ll probably romanticize it a lot when remembering it in the distant future

Deepwoken entire soundtrack
Savaria theme
Wom main menu theme

I have now added small explanations for each of the soundtracks

Arcane Adventures. (Borealis is the sound of respawning after dying to Theos for the 50th time)

super doomspire ost is pretty cool

also i fucking love the riverville theme

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i turn the music off while playing roblox cause it lag my pc lmao :skull:

for the times i do turn it on tho, summer hold theme ig

oh yeah AO’s Title Screen Theme too, love that sht

Arcane Reborn

Dark Souls 2 OST - Executioner's Chariot [HQ] - YouTube
Dark Souls 2 OST - Sir Alonne [HQ] (w/ending) - YouTube
Dark Souls II DLC Soundtrack Crown of The Sunken King. Graverobber, Varg & Cerah - YouTube
and whatever other ones there are

Balanced Craftwars Overhaul

Some classic Roblox themes
Some TDS music


Naktigonis - Sin-Smelted Scoriae (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - Lacrimosa Dies Illa (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - The Gideshu March (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - Catwhisker (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - And Let Slip The Hounds Of War (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - A Sarabande Of Thunder (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - Dance, If You Can! (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - A Symphony Of Strife (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - One For All, All For Gun (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Naktigonis - Pyres Of Glass (Deepwoken OST) - YouTube
Basically most of Deepwokens music

And finally
Arcane Odyssey Title Music

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now I’m not exactly biased but…

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I mean, its pretty good.

My god I love the entire robot 64 ost, I still like humming it sometimes

Rusty’s Theme > every single sound in the universe

great sea

fantastic frontier bro the amount of ost collection of different music is pog
the road

mansion in nightmare

teakettle tony is a banger w/ this ost

boat house also has a good song for it

of course we got dw next w/ their osts which is good to listen to regardless if u like the game itself or not -Naktigonsis

the dudes that made heresy and realms of the 9 portals had decent osts for their respective environments
realm 3 boss

this being played for the final tower obby in heresy was nice to listen to even if it was dark souls

all i can think of

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toy kingdom i guess, maybe the super nostalgia zone title theme

The old molten doom from tds (molten boss ost)

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Probably my top three from world of magic or the ones that are just stuck in my head the most