Your guess to how much damage 1 player can deal?

What is the highest damage you think 1 player can do once AO releases?
It can also come from ships a player owns.
Only exception is anything which would require other players to work (aside from being the damage taker).

with cannons my best guess is 400-700

At least 300 damage at level 120 with metal magic

1500~. Just a guess and it’d be under specific/ideal conditions.

im so sleepy i be saying random stuff

oh yeah i forgot about 120 lvl cap

in that case double what i said originally or 1.5x

you can already do 300 damage with metal

since at 120 there will be first awakening, mages will have 2 magics
therefore you can use ice, have the target in water, freeze them, use max power loadout with fully charged 20% pillar or shockwave (same dmg) and hope for a crit.

Like 500 prolly (excluding bleed)
With other players atleast 1200 (excluding bleed)

not player damage but i’d just like to imagine a shark doing half of your health in 1 bite

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