Your thoughts on Mud Magic, Reflector Magic, & Gravity Magic

Ewww wet poopoo magic

Well it depends on who you’re fighting. If you’re fighting a magic size/magic speed hybrid build then they might not be fast enough to dodge their own attacks. If you’re fighting a pure agility build and you reflected their min size blast then yeah they definitely would be able to avoid it. I’m talking about in the future when these stats become significant except those scenarios would probably never happen anyway because with the way stats scale it’s possible to get significant amounts of every useful stat without having to choose to which ones to focus on except for with power and defense.

what if instead of mud magic earth + water on a targer = mud

uh oh stinky

Guys watch mud become legit OP. Like greater than 50% reduced move speed and jump.

Mud Magic will be pretty damn hard to deal with, but it will be interesting. If you didn’t know, there’s already a meta for liquid magics, to quite literally use placed shockwave explosions to maximize puddle size and puddle number.
Mud Magic will just intensify this meta and make it fully realized.
Reflector Magic will probably be a niche support magic. I wouldn’t worry too much about having your spells tossed back at your face, unless you shot the healer of a team, in which case you’re gonna get reflector magic used against you.
Gravity Magic… Meh. It’s extremely unclear currently, if I’m being honest. Best guess I have is that it’ll lock someone in place and do DoT and have AoE. Might be interesting, but again, VERY unclear.

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reflector magic is technically no u uno card
gravity gonna go well with sans save file that i deleted
mud is erm… idk, gud ?

Mud Magic - Earth but soft

Reflector Magic - Ever wanted to become a mime?

Gravity Magic -

I’m guessing gravity is just going to be reverse wind. It pulls people to you. I have no idea how the “crushes the target into the ground” is going to work, though.

kinda like undertale’s blue attack where you turn blue and sans slams you-

imagine reflector magic just being like a passive thing too.

if it’s projectiles only then it’s wack

Gravity Magic reminded me of Issho with that Zushi Zushi no Mi, sounds like a cool concept

As for Mud, well probably Caribou with the Numa Numa no Mi

im sorry, my dear friend, for not appreciating you while you were with me

Never know what you got til its gone

petition for water puddles + earth/sand to make mud puddles

4 years

bro does not know what he has just done

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Mud Magic is LIFE.
Mud Magic is JOY.
Mud Magic is HAPPINESS.
Mud Magic is HOPE.
Mud Magic is THE WAY.

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