Youtube what is wrong with you

bruh youtube what is wrong with u my view count suddenly dropped
my original view count was 150
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 4.48.51 PM
typical. youtube screws up again

rip bro

If your video had an abnormally large number of views from accounts that weren’t signed in, they’ll get deleted. Did you sign out of youtube and refresh a bunch of times to get the view count up? If not, I don’t know what happened.

Probably some algorithm change or something

it should be back within a few days


bad video

They realized they were watching a video about The Airplane tycoon game on roblox so they removed their views

bro its not that one its the story mode one bruh

and its not funny even though its funny

and not losing my temper but u didnt even see da video how do u know its bad or not

Any roblox youtuber’s content is going to be bad.

i do minecraft too tho

Feels bad.

Its simple they committed UNSEE

it happens all the time.

Assuming that meme is referencing YouTube rewind, YouTube is trying its best to disassociate its brand from PewDiePie after the thing that happened a few years ago.

Im surprised T-Series wasnt in a youtube rewind.

Reason being that T-Series is a company, while Pewdiepie, Ninja, people like that, are small groups of creators, or solo creators themselves.

the reason is that PewDiePie is an antisemite.

What does this even mean, did u misspell antisemitism?